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Technology Driven Ecommerce Order fulfillment in Canada

Let’s get started on your eCommerce business objectives together. We are thrilled to become your operational arm. Canada Prep & fulfillment has provided major brands across all sectors with dependable, precise, and scalable order fulfillment services. For your online business, we specialise in large-scale order fulfillment, inventory management, and inventory storage. If you’re looking for a greater fulfilling companion then we are here to care for your business as if it’s our own.

Do you want to outsource your order fulfillment, warehousing, and dispatching?

Top Fulfillment Services in Canada have a organized and systematic approach towards warehousing the goods and dispatching them with proper care. We provide you with a complete and seamless fulfillment solution, from receiving items, dispatching orders to managing the returns. Our order fulfillment procedure has six parts, explained in detail.


Import shipments into Canada from your location to our facility. Ship products to us from your Domestic or International supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer.


We are a fully operational storage facility that can store your items for future FBA inventory replenishment or to fulfill your ecommerce sales to your Canadian customers.


Inspect, polybag, label and bundle as needed. We understand how important it is to prepare items properly to prevent damage and to meet Amazon requirements.


Carefully box for shipment. We use sturdy boxes and know how to package your items to minimize breakage and maximize space.


Direct to warehouse or customer. This flexibility means we can ship on your behalf to Amazon (or another marketplace) or even directly to your customer.


On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce, when you need a prompt, reliable shipping service for order fulfillment.

It’s Not Just About Fulfilling Orders!

Are you aware of your business brand & goodwill? The important thing is that it isn’t your logo, nor is it your website. The promise you make to customers is embodied in your business brand. Customers are essentially being promised that they will receive a product that will be provided with care. Ecommerce order fulfillment in Canada is an element of the customer’s experience with your company and is an extension of your brand. With each order, you want to make sure you keep your company’s promise.

We are successful only when you are successful. Make contact with a Canadian order fulfillment center that can grow with your company. We know what works and what doesn’t based on our years of expertise. That is why we developed solutions to assist our clients from beginning to end. Our team will be a part of your company’s success, from branding to helping automate the order flow process.


We Save Your Time & Money

Integration with your inventory software takes just minutes, not days or weeks! For you, this means that getting started with Canada Prep & Fulfillment is simple. If you’re switching from handling your own fulfillment to outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment in Canada, we’ll help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Our services are designed to help you save money by reducing unnecessary costs and improving communication with everyone in your supply chain.

There are no complications. There’s no fuss. It’s very easy to hire our fulfillment service for your present business. We understand how essential your business is to you, and so we give our best to help you flourish in your business and keep your customers happy and satisfied.