Returning to Canada in 2016 after living abroad for 17 years, our founder, Pauline Prince, quickly recognized the significant opportunity for online retailers in the Canadian marketplace. However, it was also clear that for most online retailers, the barriers to entry into the Canadian market dimmed the exciting possibility of high-margin retail sales.

Canada Prep & Fulfillment (CPAF) was established in Toronto, Canada, to not only provide prep and fulfillment support to retail storefronts on various online marketplaces, but to take the unique approach of also assisting its clients based outside of Canada to bring their products to market, cost-efficiently.

In 2017, Pauline was introduced to Brandon Banks, an experienced entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada. Brandon had observed the value that CPAF services were bringing to online retailers wanting to enter marketplaces outside of the United States. In early 2018, being further motivated by the values, ethics and high level of service provided by the CPAF Team, Brandon initiated discussions with Pauline to jointly-plan a second CPAF location on the West Coast of Canada.

In May 2018, CPAF opened its Vancouver, Canada location. Now, with two locations near US border-crossings, CPAF has expanded its capabilities to provide cost-efficient support to your online retail business’ entry into the Canadian market.