Secure packaging is important in protecting parcel integrity, if you’re shipping to a customer imagine the level of disappointment they feel receiving the product in damaged condition.  This type of situation could result in a purchase return or loss of your reputation on social media through product reviews given by them.

Packaging & Shipping Services

You’ll find that the Canadian order fulfillment center prepares and ships your items to be a very convenient service. We’re here to streamline your business by making it unnecessary for you to handle inventory at all!

Secure packaging is vital for a company because it can improve a customer’s purchasing experience with your brand. Canada Fulfillment center considers several things like What is the cost of your parcel if it is stable? Is it delicate? Is there any sharpness to it? Is it pliable or inflexible? Is there anything particular that has to be done with it?

Like, fabric items, such as sport shirts and nylon tshirts, shorts etc, can be shipped in plastic shipping pouches. New shoes, on the other hand, are boxed to avoid losing their shape before reaching the consumer.

For pro prep and fulfillment Canada we use fillers like newsprint paper, packing foam, styrofoam, loose package fillers and cushions, sealed air pouches, bubble wrap for insulation or large-space filling etc. So, all of the tedious tasks – unpacking, checking for damage, labelling, bundling, poly-bagging, wrapping in bubble packaging and boxing for shipment – we can handle for you.

We hope you’ll find that our pricing is very affordable; given how much time you’ll save!

Come talk to us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your e-commerce packaging & shipping services in Canada. For more details, refer to Pricing.