1. For items to be removed from your Amazon.com store, create your removal order in Amazon Seller Central in your Amazon U.S. seller account, specifying one of the following Canada Prep and Fulfillment addresses as the Ship To address:

To the Toronto location:

Pauline Prince – Your Last Name

2916 Walden Ave #400 [Address Line 1]

Depew, NY 14043

United States

To the Vancouver location:

Your Name/Company Name

c/o Brandon Banks [Address Line 1]

726 Cherry Street [Address Line 2]

Sumas, WA 98295-9649

United States

2. For the removal order items that you want to sell on Amazon.ca, create an Amazon Seller Central Shipping Plan in your Amazon Canada seller account, specifying one of the following the Canada Prep and Fulfillment addresses as the Ship From address:

From the Toronto location:

Your Name/Company Name

79 Vulcan Street

Toronto, Ontario

M9W 1L4


From the Vancouver location:

Your Name/Company Name

Unit #105-46197 Fourth Avenue

Chilliwack, BC

V2P 1N3


In your Amazon Seller Central shipping plan, be sure to log the quantity of each item you’re sending. Do not proceed beyond that step in the shipment creation process. Note: Canada Prep will progress the shipping plan onwards to print your product (FNSKU) labels and have Amazon Seller Central decide the fulfillment center destinations, etc. This allows for easy adjustments to your Shipping Plan (if needed) after the prep team has reconciled the products we received versus what you have specified in your shipping plan.

If you need to learn how to create a Shipping Plan in Amazon Seller Central, here’s the Amazon Seller University tutorial series for that: https://canadaprepandfulfillment.com/creating-fba-shipments/

3. Log into your account on www.canadaprepandfulfillment.com and complete the Initiate Shipment steps. This will notify us of your removal order(s) and your instructions.

4. If you haven’t already done so, grant us User Permissions to your Seller Central shipping functions. Our access would be limited to only those functions allowing us to complete your shipments for you (so we wouldn’t have to exchange the product labels, Amazon fulfillment center info, weight and dimensions or shipping labels via email).

Send a User Permission invitation to canada@canadaprepandfulfillment.com

We will then accept your invitation. And, as the final step, we’ll ask you to grant us “View & Edit” permissions to the functions listed under the “Inventory” section of the User Permissions page.

If needed, here’s the Amazon Seller University tutorial on assigning user permissions: https://youtu.be/r5jZ1rOfw34.

5. Your removal order shipments will be delivered to our U.S. pickup address and we will handle the pickup, customs clearance and transport to our warehouse in Canada. Once your entire removal order has been received at the Canada Prep and Fulfillment warehouse, we will inspect each item, notify you via email of our product Condition findings and subsequently, follow the instructions you provided in the Initiate Shipment notification.