Most businesses side-step international expansion, being intimidated by the high cost (and hassle) of shipping, brokerage and Customs duty and taxes. Truthfully, getting your products to market in Canada can be a daunting task. But, what if someone smoothed the path for you, navigating you through that complex maze? What if you had “boots on the ground” in Canada to help you fulfill your e-commerce sales to your Canadian customers? What if you had access to a service provider who would receive shipments from your Canada-based suppliers, prep your items and ship them within Canada or to the United States?

There is an easy way to get your online business selling in the high-margin Canadian marketplace. Canada Prep & Fulfillment was established to provide prep and fulfillment support to retail storefronts on various online marketplaces as well as to assist its clients in bringing their products to market, cost-efficiently.

Grow your business! Let us help you automate your process so you can focus on sourcing or creating profitable products. Let us handle the tedious and time-consuming work of getting your products to Amazon FBA or direct to your Canadian customer.

Whether you’re a brand new online retailer or an established e-commerce journeyman looking to expand into the Canadian market, Canada Prep & Fulfillment is committed to providing you with the highest standard of service.

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